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What is a Meridian Reset and Why would I need one?!

The 5-Day Meridian Reset is an opportunity to release anything that is not serving your health, both physically and energetically. 
Think of this as a natural detox for your physical body via your energetic meridian pathways. 
And what a better time than now!
This time is filled with great uncertainty in so many aspects of our lives right now and I have been focusing on finding ways to support as many people as I can from a far. 


Light Therapy Patches was a great answer.  
It is supper quick, easy and effective way to reduce stress, boost immunity, increase energy flow, reduce pain and regulate the emotions for a greater sense of calm and balance. 

Phototherapy? Tell me more!

Lifewave Phototherapy patches harness the healing power of light.
By reflecting infrared light from your body they are able to induce biochemical changes, just like SUNLIGHT triggers the body to make vitamin D.  

These changes have the ability to support the body to heal naturally.  Some of the amazing benefits include reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, more energy and clearer thinking.  

I use these patches to stimulate acupuncture points in the same way I would use my needles. And because the patches are non-transdermal, meaning nothing chemically enters the body, they are safe for almost everyone to use.


How The Reset Works 

Each day you will be applying 5 different patches on specific acupuncture points to open up the energy flow a long specific meridian pathways.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain, illness, fatigue, and emotional imbalances are caused by blockages in the flow of qi (pronounced chee) or energy in the acupuncture meridians (aka energy pathways).


During the 5-Day Meridian Reset, we will restore the flow of qi in the body’s main meridians and their corresponding organs.

It's super simple and just takes a minute in the morning and night to do. So, it totally fits into any schedule and I bet it will fit into yours, too!

Here's What you'll get in the Reset Kit:
A PDF that contains an overview of patch placement for all 5 days to serve as a quick start guide.

  • Energy Enhancer Patches 
  • Glutathione Patches
  • Carnosine Patches
  • Aeon Patches


You’ll also receive a daily email with directions for patch placement, videos, pictures, dietary recommendations for each specific day and mindfulness practices that benefits the organs been reset that day.  



5-Day Meridian Reset Kit

$125.00 Regular Price
$93.75Sale Price
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