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Pediatric Acupuncture 

Is Acupuncture Right for my Child?

Yes, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are great for children at any age, even babies, and it can make a huge difference in your child’s life!  It’s a gentle, safe, effective and drug free way to help your child heal from acute as well as chronic illnesses.  Treatments focus on addressing the root cause of disease while treating the symptoms. By doing so we are able to strengthen the body, alleviate discomfort and reduce the chances of becoming ill again.  Furthermore, acupuncture & Chinese medicine can help reduce and even help avoid the use of medications such as antibiotics and steroids.


Is Acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture treatments are essentially painless. 

Pediatric needling, or as we like to call it, tapping, uses

special (customized) techniques with the smallest and finest needles to accommodate wiggly,

energetic bundles of joy from all ages. You are probably wondering,

"How is my baby/child going to sit still through an acupuncture session?"  

Don’t worry ,we've got this! Most often a rapid, in & out technique is applied, where the needle

is taken out immediately after insertion so the process is smooth and easy for everyone involved. 



Needle Free Options

Sometimes needling is just not an option and not every child will be willing (at first) to receive tapping. 

Here is where it gets interesting.  The basic concept of needling is to stimulate specific points

on the surface of the body to promote healing and luckily we’ve got multiple tools

and techniques to achieve just that.  The non-needle options are effective, safe, painless,

playful, and engaging for children.  They frequently enjoy the process and love to assist. 


What are the treatments like?

First we talk, a lot.  Depending on the child’s age and medical history, the initial visit can range from an hour and a half to two hours long, while follow up treatments are only half an hour on average.  Your child’s comfort and safety are our first priorities.  We do our best to accommodate any individual needs.  We take the extra time to explain in detail everything that is going to happen both to you and the child.  Trust is key and we will never try to trick your child or do anything they don’t feel ready for.  There are always alternative options.


Treatments cover all aspects of a child’s health similar to your family doctor with extra emphasis on the child’s specific needs.We discuss your child’s:

  1. Reason for the visit and how long it has been going on

  2. Physical and emotional well being

  3. Diet & life style

  4. Immune function


After completing a thorough, head to toe physical examination and

addressing the current health issue(s) as well as all red flags,

a treatment plan is formed.


  1. Acupuncture

  2. Needle free techniques (Shonishin)

  3. Herbal medicine

  4. Chinese pediatric massage (Pediatric Tui-Na)

  5. Dietary and life style modifications


Acupuncture can help kids

with acute or chronic 



Colds & Coughs 




Ear infection

Tummy aches

Auto immune disease 

Growing pains


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