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Thank you for taking the time to look over our different forms. Time is of essence, so we encourage you to fill out the form/s that is appropriate for you and bring it with you for your first appointment. Please do your best to include as much detail as possible.  Below you'll also find additional forms that are part of patient care that can be applied at home.  


Your body, Your Health, Your Life, Your Power. 

What to expect on your first appointment

Talking. The foundation for successful health care is made possible by connecting and building rapport.  The first appointment is a time when we get to know each other.  We will discuss your health history, diet, life style, what you do for fun and what are some of your health goals and expectations. This would be the longer part of the session, followed by an acupuncture treatment. If needed body work, herb and meditation will be added. 

Good things come in time and health is no different.  What ever it is that is not working for you or has stopped serving you you can change. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is here to help you on your journey to balance.  The peace we are all looking for is possible, its worth give it a chance.      

Before your appointment please make sure to:

  • Wear or bring loose clothing

  • Eat something before the appointment 

  • Allow two hours for your first visit 

  • Arrive 15 min early for filling out paper work

  • Bring relevant medical records & medication/s list   

Additional Handouts 

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